From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 13:17:44 2003

> Well I didn't find the Holy Grail but this is close! I went to a
> hamfest today and in a box of junk I found the operating program for the
> HP 9877 Mass Memory unit! That's the box that has up to four tape

Well done...

> drives installed and was used to mass duplicate HP 9825 tapes at the HP

FWIW, the 9877 contains a small PSU (based, IIRC, on the 9825 PSU), 1-4
tape drives, the same number of controller cards (electrically and
mechanically idendentical to the one in the 9825) and a little interface
PCB. The last is the only part that's really 'custom' for the 9877.

I assume it connects to the 9825 using a 98032 16 bit interface. Do you
(or anoyne else) have the wiring for the cable and the jumpers for the
98032? That's something else I've not managed to find (98032s I have,
plenty of them).


> program for it till now. The tape APPEARS to be in good condition but
> you know how HP tapes are :-(

If it is readable, can the 9877 be used to duplicate it?

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