OT: SC/SC couplers available (was: Re: 10Base-FL)

From: Adrien Farkas <freddy_at_kotelna.sk>
Date: Sun Feb 9 16:10:07 2003

pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com (pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com) wrote :

> On Feb 7, 13:44, Adrien Farkas wrote:
> > pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com (pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com) wrote :
> >
> > >SMAs suck big time, and couplers for STs are expensive.
> ^^
> Oops, did I really write that? I meant that couplers for SCs are
> expensive; ST couplers are cheap.


> > a propos fiber couplers, does anyone have a few they might miss? I'm
> > after SC/SC couplers preferrably with direct SC duplex connector
> > pluggable. I might get a few, but those aren't ready for duplex
> > connectors, just single SC simplex.
> Duplex ones are just two simplex ones side by side. Use tape or glue.

_these_ 'simplex' aren't really simples, they're duplex, but connected
not side by side, but opposite, which makes a need to cut all my sc
cables into two simplex, which I'd like to avoid. I called it 'simplex',
because I wasn't able to describe it properly.

hmm, i might to move to STs, but ut's fddi cabling systems and all my
cards are either SC or MIC (FDDI), so I might need bunch of ST cables
and pigtails. sure, ebay is my friend, but you know, shipping this stuff
to europe is quite expensive ;) and I have lots of fddi & sc cables
already, just missing some stuff to connect it together, this is wher
the couplers come.

...for more info 'finger freddy_at_kotol.kotelna.sk'
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