Main-frame hard drive (maybe) avaliable

From: Shawn H. <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 16:09:53 2003

I just thought of something which might be of interest to someone out there. Several years ago I got ahold of a monsterous main-frame type hard drive. I really have no idea what kind of system it came from, but the box was about three feet long, one foot tall, and one foot wide (as I remember it). The disks inside were about 8-10 inches across (I could see them through a little window in the casing). You could turm two screw like things on the front of the box and then lift the cover. Inside was the disk assembly and then another panel of electronics that would swing down from the cover of the box. This whole monster weighed about 60 pounds or so I would say. On the back were two receptacles for connecting it to whatever computer it originally came from. The plugs that plugged into the recepticles were sqaure as I remember it and there was a flat 1" wide cable that came out of each plug. The cables had been cut off of so I don't know what the other end looked like. On the front of the box there wer
e two or three buttons I think. Probably one reset, one power on/off, and one lock/unlock--that's what I seem to recall. Anyway, I took this hard drive back where I got it from because I couldn't figure out any use for it. But if any of you know how to connect this thing to something and are interested in it I may be able to get it back again. It's been out in the weather for several years, but from my experience wheather doesn't affect computers much--the older ones at least. I have gotten some computers that were snowed and rained on and had mud splattered all over them, but they still worked. There was even one computer I got where the battery had leaked all over the mother board and started to eat it away.....but it still worked!! Needless to say, I was amazed!!

Well, let me know if you are intersted in this hard drive. I am raising money for a mission trip and that's part of the reason I wondering if this has any value to anybody. Also I hate to see it "rot" out there. ;-) I can't send you any pictures of the drive itself because I don't have it right now, but I think I do have the cable lying around here yet. I could send pics of that or try to describe it if that would help any. By the way, I think the brand name on this device may have been "Digital"; I could be wrong, but a lot of the other parts I got there were made by the "Digital" company so I suspect the hard drive may have been too. (I also have a large plug-in electronics board from some main-frame type computer that I got at the same place if anybody has an interest in that).

I know old main-frame parts have value to the right person and I wouldn't mind trying to get it if someone is interested, but please be sure you are really seriously interested before you ask me to get it! :-) It is more than likely buried under a lot of junk and I would have to dig it out which could be quite a job!! But I would be more than willing to try and get it if you are seriously interested; I just don't want to go through all that work and then be stuck with it myself. :-)

I can try to describe it better if that would help, but I'll wait to see if anybody has an interest first.

Take care all,


:-) Smile, God loves you!!
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