Main-frame hard drive (maybe) avaliable

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 22:30:00 2003

Earlier, I wrote:

> > Several years ago I got ahold of a monsterous main-frame type hard
> > drive.
> Yes, we are into stuff like that. But the important question is this:
> Where is this?

Here is the reply I got:

> Are you asking where I live? I'm in North Dakota. If you're asking where
> the hard drive is, that's at the junk yard. I think it's now buried under
> a pile of school desks, but I think it could be unburied. There were
> actually two or three of them there. There was at least two whole ones and
> then parts of some more I remember seeing.
> Where do you live? I will be coming south in a month or two for the
> mission trip. I will be driving from ND to TN. I might be able to bring it
> along if you're anywhere along that route.

Shawn: This isn't in my area, but I know there are some list subscribers up
there. I've CC'd this message to the list so all 800 of them will get it.
Hopefully there's someone close who might be interested. Thanks for letting
us know!

List: Someone grab these drives; don't let them fall victim to the scrapper!

Jeffrey Sharp
Received on Sun Feb 09 2003 - 22:30:00 GMT

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