Disk drive head locking (DEC RA-82 and HP 7920)

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Mon Feb 10 01:39:01 2003

Hi Dan.

AFAI can tell from memory, you do the following.
1) find the opening in the front that is a little
   larger than the other openings (for cooling).
2) Use a screwdriver to push the plate that is
   behind the opening mentioned in 1).
3) While that plate is pushed in, you can lift the
   top cover including the electronics of the RA82.
4) In the middle yoy see the large (black) cilinder
   thing. That is the HDA. When you stand in front
   of the drive you see a small lever at "6 o clock".
   Rotate that level 180 degrees to lock the heads.
   You must lift the level at the end a little to be
   able to rotate it. On the HDA is a text that tells
   you the position of the level. (At least, that is
   the case with my *RA81*.
5) At the right hand side, near the chassis plate of
   the drive is a handle. This handle releases/sets
   the drive belt free/tension to the HDA.
   I do not know if the tension should be released
   when you transport the drive. If you are not going
   to use the drive for say, several months, you could
   release the tension to prevent deforming (flatten)
   the drive belt at one location.

Take care, RA82's are heavy,

  - Henk.

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> Subject: Disk drive head locking (DEC RA-82 and HP 7920)
> Hello,
> I'm scheduled to pick up a pair of DEC RA-82 drives along
> with an HP 7920 drive in the next couple of weeks.
> I don't have any technical documentation for either of these
> drives, but I'd be very interested in learning the proper
> procedure for locking down the heads on these drives
> prior to moving them. If anyone has the steps to take
> for either or both of these drives, please drop me a note
> or point me to the proper archive.

> Cheers,
> Dan
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