Seeking info on two PROM chips.

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Date: Mon Feb 10 02:32:00 2003

On Feb 9, 19:24, Brian Chase wrote:
> Does anyone have details on the following ROM or PROM chips from a
> DEC VAXstation 4000 VLC? Their identifying numbers are LUP9327580
> (DEC part# 23-286E8-00) and LUP9331604 (DEC part# 23-287E8-00);
> they're each 40-pin DIPs. The U's may actually be O's or 0's; it's
> difficult to tell given the DEC part number label placement.

23-xxxEx is a ROM/EPROM part number, so they may well be programmable.
 E8 means they're 128KB, or 1 Megabit. The part numbers you quote are
listed in Compaq Assisted Services online catalogue at $4 apiece, so
you might still be able to get them from DEC/HP.

Is there any type number under the DEC label? Are they brown ceramic
with a quartz window in the top? If so, they're probably EPROMs, most
likely 27C1024 (64K x 16 bit). If not, they're probably one-time
PROMs, or possibly Flash. If they're EPROMs, it's unlikely you
overwrote them, unless you had them in a programmer.

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