PS2 Mouse

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 03:49:00 2003


> While this is true on the genuine PS/2 machines (and the mouse protocol
> is very similar to a PC/AT or PS/2 keyboard protocol), there's no reason
> why it _has_ to be. It would be possible to make an ISA card with a
> programmed microcontroller on it (maybe an 8042, like the keyboard
> controller) with the host port at some otherwise unused I/O address, and
> then use a special driver (similar in concept to the serial and bus mouse
> drivers) to access it.

well, I suppose if you're going to go the microcontroller route you may as well
make it an external unit with the serial controller included... no messing
around with custom drivers on the host system then. Bit beyond me though I'm
afraid, but as the original poster said I'm surprised nobody's done it,
especially a hobbyist...

I suppose it'd need its own power supply though which is a shame.


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