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Date: Mon Feb 10 13:27:18 2003

At 11:16 PM 2/9/03 -0500, Ken wrote:
>From: Joe <>
>>Can anyone tell me exactly what a PACEMIPS PIMM - 33SG144C is? It's
>>made byPerformance Semiconductor but it's not listed on their (POOR!)
>>website. I THINK it might be an R33000 embedded processor but I'm not
>Performance Semi, AFAIK, generally does semiconductors for
>military/aerospace applications. I recall dimly that they made some
>MIL-SPEC MIPS devices; this would perhaps be one of them. The part number
>you cite is not familiar, but might be one of the line of R3000+R3010
>derivatives. Not as esoteric as their relatively popular MIL-STD-1750A
>processors, but unusual none-the-less.

    I believe tht you're right on all counts. I had my hands on a PS catalog but left it at the hamfest. The seller is a friend of mine and I'm hoping that he remembers that I wanted it. The catalog doesn't list the 33SG144C (it's an '89 catalog and the ICs are dated '94) but it does list the Pace-Mipps R2000, R3000, R3010 and some others as well as the 175x chips. It says that the MIPPs ICs are standard MIPPs processors but built to Mil-Standards.

>I've actually got some Performance Semi 1750A chipsets...I must think of
>something to do with them...

    I've got a few as well. I also just found a 1753 (MMU IIRC) and 1754 (I/O interface IIRC). In case you'r enot aware of it, the 1750 is a "standard" processor that the government is trying to use in all aircraft and aerospace applications.

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