VHS Tapes as storage.

From: Bill Richman <bill_at_timeguy.com>
Date: Mon Feb 10 22:45:00 2003

I used to have one of those cards, along with the manual and software. I
don't know if it made the move with me a couple of years ago or not. If
anybody really wants it, I'll try to dig it up. As I recall from the
manual, it basically just wrote the whole backup to tape 3 times and hoped
for the best. There was no error recovery or search capability because
the PC didn't control the VCR.

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Stan Barr wrote:
> I certainly remember an ISA card and software combo that did that.
> I could probably find an advert in an old magazine if I did a little
> digging. I'll look later...
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