Question on chip date code

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 22:56:00 2003

At 04:26 PM 2/10/03 -0800, Eric Smith wrote:
> > and 'SN' for Semiconductor Network. The
> > second is probably more likely to be correct than the first..
>That's the first time I've seen any explanation for a TI prefix.

I concur with 'SN' standing for 'Semiconductor Network.'

 From the book "TI Series 54/74 Integrated Circuits", 1966 edition,
the Series 54 Bulletin no. DL-5 657921 (August 1965) is
entitled "Series 54 Solid Circuit Semiconductor Networks" where
"Solid Circuit" is Registered (R) and "Semiconductor Networks"
is footnoted as "Patented by Texas Instruments."

By the way, the book notes that the first integrated circuit that TI
produced was the SN502 in 1960, using mesa (rather than planar)

Speaking of old ICs, this past weekend at a hamfest I picked up
some old integrated circuits, including a couple of old processors
on ceramic plates, two types of 1702 EPROMS, and a couple
of mystery chips.

I've got some photographs of them up at

I also ended up with three HP 5082-7300 LED BCD displays.
A Google search indicated at least one supplier, but with a
price of more than $40! Does anyone have an idea what the
average retail price of these displays were back when HP was
still manufacturing them?


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