11/44 basic newbie help request

From: Guy Sotomayor <ggs_at_shiresoft.com>
Date: Tue Feb 11 00:59:00 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 07:29, Jay West wrote:

You've already gotten alot of answers but I'll dup them for
> First:
> It would appear the first 8 or so cards are required to be in certain slots.
> Cpu set basically. If I don't have FPP or CIS stuff, those slots get left
> blank? Do any grant or jumper type cards need to be there if FPP and CIS
> cards aren't present? Do you need to change jumpers/switches on the other
> cards that make up the cpu if there is no FPP or CIS?
> After the cpu set comes memory. I know these need to be set for what area of
> memory the card is for. But according to the cover on the lid, there is
> about 4 slots for memory. Then there is a jumper card that joins the two
> backplans, 9300 or 9200 I think. I have an 8 port mux card. I assume it
> can't go in the memory slots. So do the empty memory slots (don't have
> enough memory cards to fill all 4 slots) neet any kind of grant card? If I
> recall correctly, after the memory is the jumper card that joins the two
> backplanes... the 8 port mux could go next? And then next I'll put in a
> RL01/02 controller. Then there is a buss termination card...I assume that
> goes right after the RL01/02, are there any other jumper/termination/grant
> cards that need to be in place?
The jumper is an M9202 (or M920 for the short one). The terminator is
most likely one of: M930, M9300, M9302 or M9312. The terminator goes in
the last slot of the unibus. You may also have to remove a wire from
the slot that the DMA device will go into. I don't have the pin #'s
right in front of me. But for DMA devices it must be removed or the
device can't DMA. It must also be there for empty slots and for devices
that don't DMA. The RL11 (M7762) is a DMA device so you need to remove
the wire that propagates the request signal so the card can generate
DMAs (or NPRs -- Non-Processor Requests). If you want to remove an NPR
device, you have to replace the wire (either by re-wirewrapping it or by
inserting an M7273 rather than an M727A).

The order of the *devices* isn't too important except that if two
devices are of the same priority the one physically closer to the
processor on the bus will be *higher* than the one further away.

> Also, from what I recall of the Qbus stuff I have, the various peripheral
> cards need to be set for where they appear in memory, the address of the
> card, correct? So.. need to find docs on the 8 port mux and the RL01/02
> controller.

Look on Al's web site. The docs you're looking for are (assume
www.spies.com/~ake/pdf/dec prefix):
For the RL11 and RL01/RL02 docs, look at these (assume
www.mainecoon.com/classiccmp prefix):

Unfortunately the stuff on mainecoon is in multipart TIFF which is a bit
harder to deal with than PDFs.

> I'm looking for just the top cover of the lowboy rack the 11/44 is in, and
> another rack of the same exact style to put my two RL02's in. Don't know
> what the rack is called, but it's the standard cream colored lowboy rack
> that the 11/44 is typically seen in that has an opening in the front door
> for the dual TU-58 drive.

The terminology I've heard it called are "Corporate Cabinets". You have
the "short" Corporate Cabinet(s). Most of them I've seen have an RL* in
the top which does away with the need for a top panel (the CPU is
mounted below the drive -- see
http://www.shiresoft.com/pdp-11/11-23/11-23.jpg for an example).

> Thanks in advance for any guidance!
> Jay West
TTFN - Guy
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