11/44 basic newbie help request

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Mon Feb 10 09:33:00 2003

I wasn't going to dig into my 11/44 system until I finished the 2000/Access
system, but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to dig into it
already. I have some really simple basic questions perhaps others can point
me in the right direction.

It would appear the first 8 or so cards are required to be in certain slots.
Cpu set basically. If I don't have FPP or CIS stuff, those slots get left
blank? Do any grant or jumper type cards need to be there if FPP and CIS
cards aren't present? Do you need to change jumpers/switches on the other
cards that make up the cpu if there is no FPP or CIS?

After the cpu set comes memory. I know these need to be set for what area of
memory the card is for. But according to the cover on the lid, there is
about 4 slots for memory. Then there is a jumper card that joins the two
backplans, 9300 or 9200 I think. I have an 8 port mux card. I assume it
can't go in the memory slots. So do the empty memory slots (don't have
enough memory cards to fill all 4 slots) neet any kind of grant card? If I
recall correctly, after the memory is the jumper card that joins the two
backplanes... the 8 port mux could go next? And then next I'll put in a
RL01/02 controller. Then there is a buss termination card...I assume that
goes right after the RL01/02, are there any other jumper/termination/grant
cards that need to be in place?

Also, from what I recall of the Qbus stuff I have, the various peripheral
cards need to be set for where they appear in memory, the address of the
card, correct? So.. need to find docs on the 8 port mux and the RL01/02

Looking at the TU-58 drive, the rubber rollers in each drive appear to be
highly questionable - pretty gummy. What's the best way to fix those rubber
rollers? I was thinking of cleaning off the rubber, and maybe getting a
vacuum cleaner belt and building a new surface by cutting it to size and
wrapping it around the metal cylinder. Just how touchy is the parameter for
the diameter of that wheel if I'm off, making it slightly thinner or
thicker? Is there a better way?

I'm looking for just the top cover of the lowboy rack the 11/44 is in, and
another rack of the same exact style to put my two RL02's in. Don't know
what the rack is called, but it's the standard cream colored lowboy rack
that the 11/44 is typically seen in that has an opening in the front door
for the dual TU-58 drive.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Jay West
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