Desperately seeking Twinax

From: Robert Borsuk <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 12:55:01 2003

Joy of joys. Today my IBM System/36 5363 arrived today. It took a
little battle damage from UPS but nothing some epoxy won't fix. Okay I
only have the 5363. Now what? I thought I would write the group and
ask for some advice.
First - How about some manuals? I have a set of 5362 manuals but no
5363 manuals. Can anyone help? I'll trade. I started to look online
but no leads yet.
Second - I want to talk to it (I call it "Big Daddy" - reminds me of a
giant PC). Is anyone on the list using one of those 5250 PCI emulation
cards? I saw a couple on ePay. Wondering if I should get one or go for
a terminal.
Third - Wasn't there a group on the list that was putting together a
software archive for the S/36?
Fourth - Anyone got a spare Twinax terminal they want to part with?
(send to me off the list on this one :) )

Thank you in advance for any help.

Rob Borsuk
Michigan, USA

ps. I was the guy looking for info on the IMS S-100 boards. I did buy
another as a spare.
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