IBM drives in a Kaypro

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 13:05:01 2003

> I got this message from a guy today, and I am just wondering if he is
> correct, will the IBM drives work in the Kaypro?
> 5.25" full-height, 360 KB floppy drives
> (the big black ones)? Do they work?
> I'd be able to use them to restore a pair of old Kaypro computers that use
> these drives. The "B" drive on each Kaypro appears to
> be shot.

With a few exceptions (most notably Apple and Commodore) ALMOST
everybody used "SA400 interface" "industry standard" drives.

but you might need to set the termination and jumpers for drive select,
head load, etc.

Yes, the IBM drives will work in a Kaypro, TRS-80, Morrow, Zenith,
Northstar, ...

The different types that you need to be concerned with are single v double
sided, 48TPI v 96TPI (the 100TPI is VERY "rare and valuable"), and amongst
the VERY oldest drives - the original model of the SA400 was only 35

Of the machines listed at all but a
few use the same types of drives.

Fred Cisin            
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