Gridcase 1530

From: Ricky <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 22:53:41 2003

Dear Sir,

Greetings form Geolab! We are formed in 1991 as an independent
multi-discplinary Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials
Service firm providing engineering and scientific consulting, subsurface
exploration and testing services to both public and private sector clients.

At this moment, we are using Gridcase 1530 (386) for the purpose of doing our
Pile Drive Analysis Test (PDA Test). Due to this computer is an old unit, we
frequently facing problem that bother us once we turn on the computer. The
monitor always promp the error as stated below:

"Invalid configuration Information : Code 02

Strike F1 key to continue"

However, once we strike the F1 key, another error will occur named, Disk Boot

We really appreciate if you can help us out in this matter as soon as
possible, this computer is really valuable for our department. We hope to hear
from you soon.

Thank you for your kind attention.



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