DEC xx2247 keys

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Date: Thu Feb 13 07:21:00 2003 schrieb am 12.02.2003:
>Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:05:43 -0600 (CST)
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>Subject: DEC xx2247 keys
>I bought a xx2247 key from ebay. Just in case others are planning to do the
>same, the key appears to be an almost brand new copy. There is a *slight*
>amount of rust in the areas that were cut away, but other than that it is
>nice shiny new chrome.
>I purchased mine for the starting bid of $10, but they then charged me $10
>more for shipping (actual shipping was $4.30), making for an expensive key.

Thats a general problem on Ebay, seller tend to cover their listing-costs into
the "shipping" or "handling" fees they charge. Your only chance to make this
clear is a mail to the seller on this before you bid. Make clear that you will
only bid if the seller follows the rates of e.g. USPS or some other
shippingcompany. Then you have the choice to take or to leave it.

>I called the local locksmith and they will duplicate this type of key for
>$6 each. The other thing to note is that the key I obtained from Ebay auction
>is stamped Do Not Duplicate, which the original DEC keys (I have 2) do not say.
>I figure they had a original copied a few years back, and added the Do Not
>Duplicate just in case a customer needed more than 1 key, so they would
>have to pay through the nose for it.

On my PDP8E I have a similar key, also having this text. Thatone is original
however. So there seems to be both versions to be around.

>Now I see they have the starting bid boosted to $25, for a non-original
>duplicate key, what a load of...

That way too expensive, hope they don't sell it and come back on the carpet.

>PS: I happen to have the locking mechanism disconnected from a PDP 8/E
>power supply, and before i reinstall it, i plan to bring it and the keys
>to that locksmith so i can have some cheaper, 'working' copies of the
>key made. I like having a key sitting in the lock ready to turn. If others
>need a key, let me know and i'm sure I can get you one for a lot less
>than that ebay guy.

Nice offer!

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