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From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Thu Feb 13 07:51:00 2003

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Frank Arnold wrote:

> schrieb am 12.02.2003:

> >I purchased mine for the starting bid of $10, but they then charged me $10
> >more for shipping (actual shipping was $4.30), making for an expensive key.
> Thats a general problem on Ebay, seller tend to cover their listing-costs into
> the "shipping" or "handling" fees they charge. Your only chance to make this
> clear is a mail to the seller on this before you bid. Make clear that you will
> only bid if the seller follows the rates of e.g. USPS or some other
> shippingcompany. Then you have the choice to take or to leave it.

  Not to smack anybody personally, but I see this objection a lot, and
it is sort of irritating.

  I don't sell much on ebay, but I do trade and sell a lot of parts.
  If I'm a low-volume shipper, and I'm selling something *for a profit*,
$10 S&H is about what it would cost to mail a key. Even if I'm making a
trip to the post office anyway, and using free USPS boxes, the time
spent packaging the item, making labels, and getting to the counter to
pay postage takes a considerable amount of time. My time, especially
during business hours, is expensive. I charge for it. That's the
"handling" part....

  I simply factor in the listed S&H as part of the eBay price. If it's
too high, I don't bid. If it's not specified, I don't bid till I've
asked the seller. It's not rocket science. It's also really
presumptuous for me to decide what constitutes reasonable compensation
for someone else's time and trouble.

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