DEC xx2247 keys

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Feb 13 07:54:00 2003

> > My local keycutting shop cut a copy for just a little less than
> > The key style is quite standard. The trick, of course, is getting
> > first one :-)
> Not really... the point of the XX2247 is that a full-service
> should be able to cross-reference that to a set of key depths,

Finding a good locksmith who can do that isn't all that easy over here.

> Another word to the wise on DEC keys - if you have a newer PDP-11
> (11/24, for example) or a newer keyed VAX (like my 8200) with the
> *plastic* lock body - there are no tumblers. A key blank will
> operate your machine - DEC shipped an orangish-red plastic key
> with those systems, but the older keys (or a blank) will turn the
> lock.

The plastic keys are actually a slightly different size. All the ones
I've seen are beige plastic (but they may be slightly later, mostly
from Alphas).

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