Differential SCSI vs. SE ?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
Date: Thu Feb 13 12:12:00 2003


Doc writes:

> I have a couple of DEC Wide-FWD conversion modules. P/N DWZZA-VA
> Look 'em up, and if that fits your bill, I'll send you one for
> shipping costs.
I looked at the DEC StorageWorks documentation, and it seems that I
will need the following:

:: DWZZB is a Fast Wide Differential to Fast Wide Single-Ended SCSI
:: bus extender and signal converter. It is 8 or 16 bit Fast Wide
:: Differential SCSI on one side and an 8 or 16 bit single-ended
:: SCSI on the other side. DWZZB is SCSI-3 (ANSI X3T9.2-10R3)
:: compliant, can handle data rates up to 20 (16-bit) MB per second,
:: and operates transparently to SCSI bus. The product fully supports
:: all the latest SCSI-3 bus phases as well as all earlier standard
:: SCSI compatible implementations, back to SASI.
:: DWZZB is bi-directional in operation and can be cascaded. A
:: maximum of two can be attached to a bus in a series. Termination
:: on the single-ended side is user selectable. The 16-bit fast wide
:: differential side features user removable resistors. DWZZB handles
:: the more powerful 16-bit SCSI buses as well as 8-bit buses and
:: handles data rates up to 20 MB per second on Fast SCSI. It is
:: fully compatible with 2- to 5 MB per second data rates of earlier
:: SCSI interconnects. It extends SCSI buses from 3 or 6 meters to 25
:: meters using synchronous transfers.
:: DWZZB can be used to connect the widening range of available
:: differential SCSI storage devices and subsystems to single-ended
:: hosts. No changes are required to existing devices or software;
:: the DWZZB does not occupy a SCSI bus node

According to the document, I'd need the

:: DWZZB-AA Standalone Product-includes built-in universal power
:: supply for general purpose SCSI bus length and signal
:: conversion needs, can be used with any SCSI-2
:: compatible device.

or the

:: DWZZB-MA Module for OEM use-includes basic module that operates
:: at 20 MB per second and is fully ANSI compliant for
:: embedded applications (power suppler and packaging to
:: be ordered separately by OEM or system integrator).

Does anyone have some of these available?

Thanks bunches,

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