DEC xx2247 keys

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Feb 14 00:37:00 2003

> Not to smack anybody personally, but I see this objection a lot, and
>it is sort of irritating.
> I don't sell much on ebay, but I do trade and sell a lot of parts.
> If I'm a low-volume shipper, and I'm selling something *for a profit*,
>$10 S&H is about what it would cost to mail a key. Even if I'm making a

> I simply factor in the listed S&H as part of the eBay price. If it's

Thats the thing, as long as they disclose whatever sillyass rate they want
to charge, then thats what it is and don't bid if you don't like it.


$10 S&H for a key, that could easily be dropped in a padded envelope and
mailed for $2, if it WAS NOT disclosed would get a neutral or negative
feedback from me.
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