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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Sun Feb 16 08:32:00 2003

On 16 Feb 2003, , Dave Dunn wrote:

> Our small business caters to the classic computer community,
> although after exchanging notes with a number of you folks
> over the last few weeks I can see our disk drive and tape
> drive emulators are beyond the budget that many of you have.
> Arraid equipment generally runs from $3,500 to $14,500.
> However, besides letting you know that there are still a few
> emulation companies left in the world, perhaps we can help
> out some of you.
> Arraid -- a small American business, made up mainly of
> engineers -- spends what little extra money we have looking
> for labs that need our equipment. Our target client has
> classic (we use the word legacy) computers doing some sort
> of critical function. These computers have failing
> peripherals and Arraid can solve that issue without software
> changes. If you know of labs, people, or businesses in the
> classic community that could benefit from our emulated
> peripherals, we pay a 5% finder's fee, each time a lead
> results in a sale. That money can go to fund your classic
> computer activities.
> Thanks for your time...
> Dave Dunn
> ARRAID - Legacy Peripheral Solutions
> dthdunn_at_earthlink.net
> http://www.arraid.com

 Well thanks Dave. That's right generous of you. Of course
we wouldn't have too much use for you especially at those
prices. For the most part we have the original peripherals
and don't have need for emulators. On the other hand
should you have a customer with needs that you and your
team of engineers don't have an emulator for, I'm sure
that someone on the list will have the needed equipment
and who would be happy to help them at your rate, and
of course remit a 5% finders fee and another 5%
administration fee to you and your team of engineers.

 A lot of the larger companies do refer to their older
equipment as "legacy" but most of us simply refer
to it as "vintage" as in good old wines.

 Be sure to keep us in mind if you run across anything
that you and your team of engineers can't handle.

Lawrence Walker

Vintage computer collector
lgwalker_at_ mts.net
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