Mac Printers (Cambridge, UK)

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sun Feb 16 09:32:00 2003

OK, I haven't decided what I'm doing yet with the various Apple machines I got
the other week, but I know the printers are just getting in the way, so if
anyone wants the following just give me a shout:

  Apple Stylewriter II + manual

  Apple Colour Stylewriter 2500 - no PSU, needs 13.5V

  HP Deskwriter 660C + PSU + driver disks (ok this one doesn't hit the ten year
mark :) I had the same printer for the PC which failed a while back, and I
kept the centronics interface board from it so you're welcome to that too. I
may also have the manuals for the PC version still, which might be useful.

I've only got the one data cable, currently plugged into the colour
stylewriter; I expect it works with all three printers though. I have no idea
what of the above works - all the systems that came in the same haul worked
fine though so I expect they were just dumped as surplus.

Free for collection from Cambridge, UK.


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