What computer is this front panel for?

From: Bill Allen Jr <n8uhn_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Feb 16 21:13:00 2003


thats a tough one.

i agree with Sellam, it does look like a four phase

but - fps did not use a flat rack panel - they used a
bezel and the board bolted to it.

i wonder if it is fps and perhaps an iv/60,70 or 80 or
an early prototype of one of them.

if the seller looked at the pcb for a name - that may
end our mystery - fps screened "fps","four phase
systems inc" or "motorola information systems"
or the pcb.

motorola information systems bought out fps and made
some boards for the fps systems.


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On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Kevin Schoedel wrote:

> > (0) It's got 24 bits, or maybe 18 + 6 if you look
> I think 24, since the numbers don't restart. Bit 0
is at the right,
> which might rule out some machines.
> I'm pretty sure the first word at the top is
"DISPLAY"; the next
> might be "REGISTER", but I'm not certain. I think
the word that
> labels bits 18-21 might be "INSTRUCTION". Can anyone
think of a
> machine with a 4-bit opcode and 18-bit address? I
think the next
> word (first of two labelling 0-17) is the same.

Now that I've looked at it more, it almost looks like
a Four Phase
front panel. It can't remember now, but I believe it
was either a 16-
or 18-bit machine (18-bits would make sense with
regards to these front

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