Emulated Peripherals

From: Dave Dunn <dthdunn_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Feb 16 20:48:00 2003

First, sorry for the double/double posting. It was not intentional.

To calm anyone's concerns, I have no intention of ever posting in
your forum again, other than to respond to comments or questions, if
that is ever needed.

Given that many in the hobbyist community appear to be cash-strapped,
I thought my previous posting to be a win/win offer. If you know a
business or school or whatever that needs the solutions we offer,
there is compensation which you can then use to further your hobbyist
activities. I'm not sure how that is bad and do appreciate your
members not wanting this information sharing tool to be hijacked by
the less sensitive.

Finally, many thanks to the half dozen people who have sent me very
positive comments off forum. I will respond to each of you off forum.

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