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From: TONY CLOUGH <tclough_at_indy.net>
Date: Mon Feb 17 02:11:05 2003

my first computer was a digital group.had a selectable bios so you could
use a 6502 or 6800 processor.still have it in the basement somewhere
along with a heathkit h89,a swtp 6800, a pdp11-23 running a pair of
RL-02's, a vax 11-73, 9 track 1/2 inch tape drives and a winchester.oh
yeah i foregot about the apple lisa.Ah the memories, usually defined in k
bytes.still have the old teletype, and motorola exercisors and the 12
inch b/w monitor i converted from an old tv.industrial monitors cost as
much as a new car then.i remember adding a carrige return lever to my
teletype back in the 70's. took all weekend to get all the levers
remounted.anyway nice to see there are still enthusiasts around who still
remember the roots of the technology.bye  --- TONY CLOUGH---
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