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From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Mon Feb 17 03:23:01 2003

"TONY CLOUGH" <tclough_at_indy.net> wrote:
> my first computer was a digital group.had a selectable bios so you could
> use a 6502 or 6800 processor.

Nice! The interchangeable processor cards were one of the big selling
points for The Digital Group, but most people bought 8080 or Z-80 CPUs
rather than the 6502 or 6800, because there was essentially no 6502 or
6800 software from The Digital Group beyond the monitor PROM.

A lot of my friends in the Denver area bought the 6502 machines though,
and many of those that couldn't afford that built homebrew machines, or
bought bare PCBs designed by Tommy Billings (TLB computers). There was
a very active club called the "6502 Group" which met every tuesday
night on the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden. The group
actually still exists and still meets every tuesday, but most of the
discussion is about matters other than 6502s these days. For a while
it was called the 6502/68000 group, but the name was too unweildy, and
it wasn't really specific to either processor any more.

I couldn't afford a machine back then, being a Junior High School student,
but have managed to acquire two in recent years. Finding software and
documentation is a challenge; the first came with none, but the second
actually came with a fair amount. I also was able to borrow a manual
from Sellam to scan -- I need to convert it to PDF one of these days and
put it on my Digital Group web page:

The Digital Group tried to expand too quickly and ran into financial
trouble. They filed for bankruptcy (chapter 11, reorganization), but
there was one creditor that refused to approve the reorganization plan,
so the company was liquidated.

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