[possibly OT]: 80386 I/O card jumper settings

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Mon Feb 17 03:15:00 2003

Hi all,
    Well, this is just about covered by the "10-year rule", so here goes:
    I've been given an old 40MHz 386DX motherboard with a separate I/O card.
Ordinarily, this would not be a problem, except the previous owner has
disabled the COM (RS232) ports on the card and has lost the jumper settings.
    Looking at the component side of the board with the mounting bracket to
the right, the card has an IDE connector marked "JP1" on the left hand side,
a floppy disk connector (JP9) on the top, a Game Port connector (JP10) and
an RS232 connector near the bracket. There are four banks of jumpers - one
consisting of JP2, JP3 and JP4; another labelled "JP6" (bank of 6 jumpers,
three pins); another labelled "JP7" (bank of 6 jumpers, three pins) and
finally one labelled JP8, a bank of 8 jumpers with only three jumper caps.
    The board has a holographic sticker (holographic text is "Polaproof",
"Wugo" is printed on the label in blue ink) on the solder side. The
controller chip is a Winbond W83757F, complete with a few MC1488/1489
linedrivers, some LS244s and LS245s and an NE556 Dual Timer.
    Has anyone come across one of these boards before or, better yet, has
jumper settings for it?

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