No SPAM (was: Emulated Peripherals)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 06:08:00 2003

> UGGGGG!!!!!

> Ok, what moderator let that obvious advertisement through??? I know it
> wasn't me.

> Sorry folks, I'll try to ensure that doesn't happen again.

Excuse me ?
It might have been advertisement, but not more than what other
do. In fact, I considere all these 'xxx for sale' messages whose
bodies include a 'see my ebay link' SPAM and unwanted advertisement
(note: this doesn't mean the messages when someone points out
possible interesting facts and auctions, only the primitive
self pointing advertisement).

I found the letter quite apropriate and sesitive made.
My Impression is that Dave realy tried to be of help
to our comunity. It also looks like he has looked onto
the CC archives before writeing. That's more than some
list members do.


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