Keeping Machines alive (was: Emulated Peripherals)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 06:17:00 2003

> > Third, does it make sense to offend the people who are first in
> > line to help find new homes for classic gear when it eventually
> > gets completely decommissioned?

> Indeed. They are, after all, keeping old machines alive and in operation,
> doing useful work. That's something that most people on this list cannot
> claim :/

Jup. Keeping a machine in (daily) operation is the most
desireable way of preservation. I have given out machines
from my collection to prople who still use tham, several
times. There is no better caretaker than someone wo needs
it to do a job (well, of course after clarifying a few
things about ad-hoc modifications :). The only condition
is that I want to get the machine back after it's no longer
being used. Which works fine, and usual even bring more stuff
back to me, especialy invaluable documentation, than I have
lend them.


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