Intel ISIS-II information and systems

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 06:23:00 2003


I have several Intel MDS Series II systems and am interested in your
story on yours. I also have lots of software for ISIS-II so maybe we
can compare notes. Joe Rigdon here on this list will also be interested.

Your ISIS-II disassembly sounds interesting as well.

I have put together a package of software to allow someone to use Kermit
to transfer to and from ISIS-II and CP/M 2 on the MDS, so if you are
interested in that let me know. Once you have that working you can
e-mail the ISIS software and get it into the MDS.

Keep us posted.

Steve Thatcher wrote:
> Hi, I just found this list and wanted to see who else might be
> interested in ISIS-II. I am in the process of restoring a MDS-220
> machine and I have all the old software from my MDS days back
> in the 70s and 80s (OS, ICE, assmeblers, etc, etc, etc. I also
> have iPDS software and machines if anyone is interested.
> I also had disassembled and modified ISIS-II to run on a Northstar
> Horizon system I had back then. If anyone is interested in running
> ISIS on a different machine, I will have source code available
> once I get my MDS up and running.
> Best regards, Steve Thatcher
> .

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