Emulated Peripherals

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon Feb 17 20:15:34 2003

> > Please don't. Yes, please remove off-topic SPAM, but adverts related to
> > classic computers, commercial or not, should be allowed here provided
> > the same advert doesn't start appearing too often.
> My initial reaction was actually fairly difficult for me, as I know and like
> several of the people at Arraid.
> On the one hand, it's obviously on-topic as it lets others here know that
> there are modern drive replacements for systems we all would like to keep
> running. On the other hand, their products are generally well outside the
> price range of the home hobbyist, so not sure how much it helps us. Thus, my

Sure, I am not going to get one of these drive replacements for any of my
own systems (I can't afford it, I do have the time to maintain the old
drives, and I enjoy doing so anyway).

On the other hand, I (and I guess many others here) have been asked for
advice/work on commercially-needed classic computers. Knowing such a
product exists could be useful to the owners of such machines, and we're
the best people to tell said owners.

> impression is that the post wasn't targeted at the listmembers, but rather
> at sales prospects the listmembers may know. Tony asked how this post was


On the other hand, I got the impression that the poster of this advert
had at least taken the time to read the list and/or find out what we
really do here. That instantly raises the message well above the 'spam'

> So, if on-topic SPAM is allowed here as Tony requests above... guess we
> allow posting by crisis, and MBG, and keyways, and imsai.net, oh, and all
> the scrap dealers... but it's ok as long as it doesn't appear too often. Ok,

How would you feel if a scrap dealer posted 'I've just got a [Straight-8
| Altair | PERQ 2 | HP2100A | Apple 1 | insert your favourite classic]
in, which I will sell for 10% above the scrap metal value'. Is that spam,
or a darn good lead?

Nobody wants this list to turn into just adverts, but I think I'd find
_occassionaly_ posts like that less annoying that E-bay trailers from
regular list members.

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