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From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Feb 16 20:14:00 2003

> Please don't. Yes, please remove off-topic SPAM, but adverts related to
> classic computers, commercial or not, should be allowed here provided
> the same advert doesn't start appearing too often.

My initial reaction was actually fairly difficult for me, as I know and like
several of the people at Arraid.

On the one hand, it's obviously on-topic as it lets others here know that
there are modern drive replacements for systems we all would like to keep
running. On the other hand, their products are generally well outside the
price range of the home hobbyist, so not sure how much it helps us. Thus, my
impression is that the post wasn't targeted at the listmembers, but rather
at sales prospects the listmembers may know. Tony asked how this post was
different than Bob Shannon's post about his drive replacement. Very simple -
Bob wasn't posting here asking us to give the names of companies we know and
have trusted relationships with, so he could call them and hard sell them
his product. I'm NOT saying Bob would hard sell, or even that Arraid would
hard sell (doubtful). But what about other companies posting here who may
do so?

So, if on-topic SPAM is allowed here as Tony requests above... guess we
allow posting by crisis, and MBG, and keyways, and imsai.net, oh, and all
the scrap dealers... but it's ok as long as it doesn't appear too often. Ok,
let me start a spreadsheet, so I can track how often each company posts.
I'll have to trace each email address on an advert, so I can tell if they're
trying to post from another address. Oh, and I'll also have to call
references on each company, so I know if they have a history of hardselling
any references we give them... Ummm wait... I do have a day job.

All sarcasm aside... If the membership at large wants to allow on-topic
adverts, that's fine. But don't make it hard on ME to moderate in the
future - for one example out of many - I suspect Tony's definition of "too
often" (wrt adverts appearing) is different from Sellams, which is different
from Jerome's, etc.

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