What computer is this front panel for?

From: Bill Allen Jr <n8uhn_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Feb 17 22:37:01 2003

Sellam wrote:

of an IV/60 or IV/80, only IV/70 and IV/90 (I have the
latter). What
the '60 and 80'?

i have the rack from the iv 60 - the cover that hides
the rack front
is still on it and has sys iv 60 written on it.

the the sys 460 is a two rack system - 1 rack had the
diablo disk drive,
hard drive and i/o comms interface (i have all of
those components
and alot of spare cpu and terminal pcb's).

the other rack had both the iv 70 and iv 90 cpu's in

the iv 70 had a card in it that passed the backplane
to the iv 90 - i don't know why they used this "dual
cpu" confg.

i found out the info on the iv 60 when asking old fps
about the iv 70 and 90 needed to complete the system.

so far sellam has the only complete fps mini system
that i know of.

so i have given up on completing my sys 460 for now.

i still have the fps stuff includeing three terminals
 and a very heavy drum printer.

the iv 60 rack? i'm putting it to use, it has a smc
carousel in it
part of my early broadcast automation that i am
hopeing to complete.

when done it will be a harris system 90 or schiffer
with 3 three track
r2r's, a brain and three carousels (any body on list
have this stuff ;))

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