OT: OT: OT: Re: Gateway 2000 Handbook 486 question

From: Chad Fernandez <fernande_at_internet1.net>
Date: Mon Feb 17 23:03:00 2003

Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> Win95 WILL run on a 12MHz 386SX. But it needs more than 4M RAM if you
> want to leave "safe mode". Some others have been successful with only 4M,
> but our experience was that it would only do safe mode until we added more
> RAM.

I see. I never tried it on my sisters 386sx-25, since I thought the DX
was a requirement.

I did try Win 3.1 on my old 286-12, with about 1-1.5 megs of memory. It
was so slow, it took it a few minutes to finish crashing :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Mon Feb 17 2003 - 23:03:00 GMT

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