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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Feb 17 23:46:00 2003

 Well I think the name Shrub, meaning "little bush", is
pretty generous considering what most people around
the world are calling him. What most around the world
call the US bully Dubya is even more disrespectful of his
office than that. Hitler was also short in stature and big
with force. Maybe it's a psychological thing.
 And Tony Blair is his precariously ruling Mussolini and
Sharon as his Tojo.


On 17 Feb 2003, , Eric Dittman wrote:

> > > No, it was sarcasm, pointing to Sellam's Bush-bashing.
> >
> > Gee... isn't that comment a little extreme? I thought he
> > was just making use of his horticultural abilities from
> > his keyboard, verbally pruning a Shrub...
> He was doing yet more of his Bush-bashing. Not Shrub. The
> President of the United States is named Bush. -- Eric
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