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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Tue Feb 18 01:40:01 2003

On 18 Feb 2003, , Eric Dittman wrote:

> > > No, it was sarcasm, pointing to Sellam's Bush-bashing.
> > >
> > > Sellam seems to take every chance he gets to bash Bush
> > > and the administration. I was making a point.
> >
> > And your point is, what? That you're a racist?
> No, pinhead, I was pointing out that you were painting with
> a broad stroke without anything other than circumstantial
> evidence.

 Somewhat like Dubyas utterences and Colin Powell's
"unrefutable" evidence refuted both by Hans Blick and the
international community? Or Tonee Blairs "evidence" that
was written by a university student. My Blockhead, I
would suggest you read a little more and not accept
without reflection the CNN administation spin on things
and short TV clips. Lord-all-mighty you may even learn
to think independantly and become a "homeland" threat.

 I'm sure if I went thru the founding fathers writings like
Patrick Henry and the works of the great american
authors like Mark Twain and Will Rogers I could find a
description of what sort of patriots you and Dubya are.

Hmmm. You aren't the guy that was brought up in an
authoritarian regime, and was proclaiming your
americanism recently are you ?


> > Since when does pointing out the obvious equate to
> > "Bush-bashing"?
> Where is your proof? Circumstantial evidence is not proof.
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