RS-232 Problem (Configuration ?)

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 01:59:00 2003

Mike Davis wrote:
> I'm using the following CIN and COUT routines.
> 2900 DB03 CIN IN STAT
> 2902 E602 ANI IBIT
> 2904 CA0029 JZ CIN
> 2907 DB02 IN DATA

 Shouldn't there be a OUT DATA inserted here to
echo the character back to the terminal?

 Wait a minute!! The User Manual says on the
A3 jumper "Jumper connection 3 to 14 is always
to be made." I don't see that in your list of
jumpers. This jumper looks like it disables
current loop operation and would effect RxD!!
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