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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Tue Feb 18 02:40:00 2003

On 18 Feb 2003, , Eric Dittman wrote:

> > Or international hilarity at his numbness. But I don't
> > hold the cleverness of his, his father's, or Cheyny's
> > corporate oil company masters with disdain. I just figure
> > their aims aren't in the worlds interests.
> Circumstantial. Where is the proof?
 Of the hilarious disdain ? An ultra-intelligent spindoctor
aide of Chretien the Canadian Prime-Minister was
dismissed because she was overheard expressing to a
friendly jounalist friend in an aside. "What a total idiot"
You can also access the general opinion by most
journalists of Dubyas thickness in many articles not
beholden to the US administrations. His homespun
announcements usually illicits giggles by those who
know that is his real personna not a pose.

 His main financial support even in the Texas governors
office and in his run for the presidency won only by
the Florida votes supervised by his brother ? and
Enron, that marvellous epitomy of corporate honesty.
But, of course Dubya, his papa, the earlier president
and former head of the CIA, and Cheney, part of both
administrations are all involved heavily in oil.
Circumstantial ? But as Dylan said you don't have to be a
weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

 And where is the proof of all the Bush accusations
against Iraq. Nothing has been proven. Iraq and Hussain
in any case are no threat to world security, Bush and his
administration are.

> > Oh Bennet, you flawed casualty of Republican wiles.
> > I hope you don't end up in jail regretting how much you
> > might have made if YOU had bought out the leftover Maynard
> > stock.
> And you don't think you are a flawed casualty of
> Democratic wiles?

Likely. I've been against dictatorship all my life. Grew
up during the fight against fascism and Hitler.
 Never outgrew the fight against it. Which led to my
fight against segregation and later against the war
in Viet-Nam in the hard days when opposition could
result in a beating by the "hard-hats".

There's a bunch of us across the country, still alive,
unaffilliated, and you ain't seen nuthin yet.

Let it go Eric.You're not a very intelligent opponent
and it is stringing out a thread that would be better
debated in another venue than one concerned with
classic computers, even tho it isn't in classic.tech.

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