HP 9000 "Nova" I-class systems

From: John Willis <jwillis_at_arielusa.com>
Date: Wed Feb 19 03:43:00 2003

My CDs were created from ISO images. The files were something like
hpux_11_0_disk1.iso.gz and hpux_11_0_disk2.iso.gz
I labeled the disks accordingly, and have tried both.
Haven't gotten a chance to examine the sectors yet. Will do that now
since I'm up with a horrendous case of the flu anyway. :P
John Willis
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	> and I finally got a copy of HP-UX 11.0, but when I try
	> to boot off the CD (boot, it says "Bad LIF magic."
I'm told
	> this means the media is not
	> bootable.
	I can boot from CD ... if I use the right CD (I've had similar
	problems when putting the wrong CD in).
	What's your CD say on it?
	Also, if you can read the first few sectors of the CD on another
	what do they look like?  Byte 0 should be $80, and bytes 1..3
	be readable ASCII.
	Stan Sieler
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