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From: Survey-Admin <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 02:36:48 2003

Frank -

I found an old post at

You list a VR201-C PRO monitor.

My neighbor (& landlord) runs a tractor repair business. He's an old
farmer who doesn't like to change much, and has been using the same DEC
inventory system since 1986. For 16 years, he's maintained a service
contract, but now that DEC was bought by Compaq, and Compaq has merged
with HP, he's facing an $800 annual bill for a service contract which
has only been used to replace burnt out monitors and printers (2 of each
in 16 years)

The monitor includes a 15-pin connector, which I'll gues is db-15, and
an RJ-11 keyboard jack.

Does your monitor include these connectors?

Would it work on a DEC Unix system?

If so, do you still have it and how much would it be to ship it to NJ -


Alan Runfeldt
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