DEC RC25 Drives

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 11:49:00 2003

Owen: the RC25 are DEC's attempt at creating funny things.

They are MSCP disks (connect to UDA50 or KDA50) with an SDI
bus. They are actually two drives in a single coffin- one
winchester drive (13MByte) and a removable cartridge drive,
also 13MB. So, one could back on the winchester to the
removable, and so on.

I have one here.. just no cartridge.


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> A few weeks ago, I got a rather nice PDP-11/34 (34A, turnkey
> front panel)
> from a scrap yard. They had two identical systems being used
> in some sort of
> electronic testing devices. I only got one system because the
> other one
> looked like it had been hit by a forklift a couple times. It
> wasn't in great
> shape, so I salvaged some cards from it (CPU, memory, DELUA, drive
> controller, UNIBUS utility stuff...).
> My system is in very nice shape though. And along with the
> CPU, I also got
> two RC25 drives, along with controllers and cables. I've
> never seen these
> before. Can anyone tell me anything about them? They look
> like nice drives,
> but I've never really heard much about them.
> Anyway, this will be my third 11/34. Of the other two, I
> still have (and
> very much like) one, and one has been passed on to another
> list member.
> Anyway, more questions on recent acquisitions to come
> shortly, I'm sure.
> --
> Owen Robertson
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