DEC RC25 Drives

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 18:19:01 2003

>"Fred N. van Kempen" wrote:

> Owen: the RC25 are DEC's attempt at creating funny things.

Jerome Fine replies:

Correction: "The RC25 WAS DEC's attempt at creating funny things."

> They are MSCP disks (connect to UDA50 or KDA50) with an SDI
> bus. They are actually two drives in a single coffin- one
> winchester drive (13MByte) and a removable cartridge drive,
> also 13MB. So, one could back on the winchester to the
> removable, and so on.

I like that analogy -

The few people who provided any direct information about the RC25
stated they were the worst drive ever - by any standards for any
computer -
well, maybe for a computer that needed to use the data again (grin).

If the RC25 was used with just ONE cartridge ALL the time and
it was not turned off, then it often lasted for a week or even two.

So while the drive and the cartridge were much smaller than an RL02,
the difference in reliability was like the difference in size between an

electron and the Earth.

> I have one here.. just no cartridge.

Why bother?

If you can read your media - if you have any - just read
them and back them up. Otherwise, you might want to
use the RC25 as a scratch drive for a few years to see if
your RC25 is reliable.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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