DEC Monitor

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 17:43:30 2003

> You list a VR201-C PRO monitor.


> The monitor includes a 15-pin connector, which I'll gues is db-15, and
> an RJ-11 keyboard jack.

It's a DA15 connector. The _only_ DB you're likely to come across is the
DB25 (true RS232 connector). There is a DB44, but it's not common...

[For the uninitiated, the letter after the 'D' gives the size of the
connector shell.]

> Does your monitor include these connectors?

A VR201 has those connectors.

> Would it work on a DEC Unix system?

What sort of DEC Unix system? It'll work on a Rainbow, a PRO (which could
be running Venix), a DECmate, a VT240 terminal, etc. It won't work,
AFAIK, on a VAXstation or DECstation.

If it is a machine that uses a VR201, then another solution, if you're
handy with a soldering iron, is to make up a little adapter with a DA15
plug, an RJ11 socket, and a connector (RCA phono, BNC) to connect a
TV-rate composite mono monitor to. The VR201 is just a very conventional
TV rate monitor with slightly strange connectors. Actually, VR201s can be
repaied, and the circuitry is very conventional.

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