Victor Computer anyone?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 18:08:01 2003

> We had several Victor 9000's. They ran CP/M and a proprietary MS-DOS. They
> had built-in codec. They actually predated the IBM PC back in 1980. They

WHEN did the Victor 9000 come out?
I doubt that it was available in 1980, and certainly NOT with MS-DOS, nor

The most authoritative sites that I can find say 1982, which is consistent
with my experience.

The IBM PC was August 1981, although it was hard to get until 1982.

The Victor certainly did NOT have MS-DOS before the IBM PC. Microsoft's
deal with IBM did not let them release it to others until the launch of
the PC. And then, Microsoft could not sell it as a retail product (only
through OEMs) for 10 years - MS-DOS V5.00 marks the end of that NCA.
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