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Date: Thu Feb 20 20:28:00 2003

Hi Eric,

Believe it or not, our neighborhood was a pretty bad one years
ago, just because of some of the people living in one house
across the street.

One time the police came after one of the people that was over there.
I was at work, but my sister and her boyfriend were here at the time.
The SWAT team came and made them leave the house and were
using our front windows to aim from. No shots were ever fired and
I didn't even hear about it until I got home from work.

If the local police can do it, I would guess the federal government
must have some provision that allows them to do what they must,
when they must, also.

Best Regards

At 05:46 PM 2/20/03 -0800, you wrote:
> > Hi Eric,
> > Would that fall under the "power of eminent domain" category?
>I don't think so, but if it did, they would have to appraise your
>property first, and buy it from you. They don't have any legal
>power or authority to make you vacate your property without due
>Unfortunately, the lack of legal power to do something seldom
>seems to actually prevent the government from doing it.
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