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Quothe Mail List, from writings of Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at
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> One time the police came after one of the people that was over there.
> I was at work, but my sister and her boyfriend were here at the time.
> The SWAT team came and made them leave the house and were
> using our front windows to aim from. No shots were ever fired and
> I didn't even hear about it until I got home from work.

Here in Baltimore County, something like that was in the news a few
years ago. The police claimed to need, for strategic purposes, the
use of a house in a neighborhood near where a hostage situation (IIRC)
was taking place, so they broke in, killed the dog that lived in the
house as it was threatening to them (rightfully defending it's owner's
property---I don't think the owners were home), and used the house for
their work. You can read about it in the archives of the local
newspaper. That was a travesty of justice, and the police became the
murders; the dog's life---the life of an innocent creature, was of no
less value than their own, and they had no right to take it, just
because they wanted to break into, and use, someone's private property
for the so-called "public good." The government in that case was no
less a criminal than the criminal it was trying to apprehend.

> If the local police can do it, I would guess the federal government
> must have some provision that allows them to do what they must,
> when they must, also.

It's called bully tactics.

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