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Date: Thu Feb 20 22:58:11 2003

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> Do you have a Sony checker? If so, what's this about *70* track drives?
> I already have a nice Brikon 723 drive tester made by Brian. I'm not sure
> if it handles the 600 RPM drives but it does handles 3", 3.5", 5 1/4" and
> 8" drives!

You are very lucky to get a Sony tester. IIRC the early Sony drives were very
nonstandard and there were several different kinds. I am sure the 70 track
goes back to the very earliest Sony floppies there are others on the list
that can address this better than I.

I can't remember who made the Hard drive tester that I have. I got several
from Intel when they were getting rid of the 310 stuff. It covered most of
the early MFM hard drives and was built in a small blue box about 12" square.
A standalone process selected from a menu of drives, plug in the drive, after
a while a report was printed out. The name started with an A and was three
letters. IIRC. It is close to the surface in the storage locker so I will
note when I get there.

You got a nice find. Hang on to it.

Astoria, OR
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