DosPlus for the Model IV

From: Clayton Frank Helvey, President <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 22:59:00 2003

Hey guys!

You may want to check out the Computer News 80 website at for information on software for the TRS80, as well
as TRS80 Model 4s for sale etc.

-- Frank

On Feb 20, 10:45am, Al Hartman wrote:
> Subject: Re: DosPlus for the Model IV
> > Does anyone have a copy of DOS-Plus for the TRS
> > model 4 that they can send me? I picked up a 4 last
> > weekend with no SW or docs and I already have
> > DOS-Plus SW and manuals for the model 1.
> >
> > Joe
> Joe,
> I don't have DosPlus for the Model IV that I know of
> (I might, somewhere..). But, I can recommend highly
> Multidos for the Model IV.
> I don't have the link handy, but if you search for it,
> you can find it.
> It's still availble for purchase in the $30.00 range
> last time I checked, and it is an Alternate OS for the
> TRS-80 that incorporates a lot of the strong points of
> DosPlus, including 80 Column support while in non CP/M
> mode.
> It's a nice OS, and the DISK BASIC is faster and
> smaller and more feature rich than most of the other
> ones available for the TRS-80.
> I remember porting my Copy of Connection-80 over to it
> (we renamed our custom version, Nybbles-80), and it
> was MUCH faster under Multidos than under Newdos/80,
> TRS-DOS or DosPlus, and I was able to take advantage
> of several MultiBASIC features to make it nicer...
> Boy, those were the days.
> I'm on the lookout for an LNW-80 Computer that works
> to set up a system again. I'm going to keep watch in
> April at the Trenton Computer Festival for a Model IV
> or Model III in the Flea Market.
> Regards,
> Al
>-- End of excerpt from Al Hartman

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