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Date: Fri Feb 21 08:20:00 2003

Hi Sridhar,

That's why separation of church and state is probably a very
good idea. The people in this country have come here from
every region of the world, and have brought their religious
beliefs with them. Religion should probably remain a personal
matter, and not be made part of the government's areas of
concern, other than to protect the peoples rights to practice
what form of religion they choose.

Best Regards

At 11:01 PM 2/20/03 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> > This country was founded by Christians. They may have had some odd
> > customs, and they may have made some things "law" that were really
> > tradition, but thats no reason to reject everything "religious", such as
> > the principles that this nation was founded on.
>I am quite religious myself. I am not Christian. If you try forcing
>Christian ideals on me, I will go apeshit. Seriously. Most of the stuff
>that Christians think are part of all religions simply aren't. I don't
>force my religion on you. Keep yours out of my affairs.
>Peace... Sridhar
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