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Hi Robert,

> killed the dog that lived in the house

I be really really bummed out about that. If only they'd just
had a tranquilizer dart gun like animal handlers might. But
it was probably all unanticipated and spur of the moment

Best Regards

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> > One time the police came after one of the people that was over there.
> > I was at work, but my sister and her boyfriend were here at the time.
> > The SWAT team came and made them leave the house and were
> > using our front windows to aim from. No shots were ever fired and
> > I didn't even hear about it until I got home from work.
>Here in Baltimore County, something like that was in the news a few
>years ago. The police claimed to need, for strategic purposes, the
>use of a house in a neighborhood near where a hostage situation (IIRC)
>was taking place, so they broke in, killed the dog that lived in the
>house as it was threatening to them (rightfully defending it's owner's
>property---I don't think the owners were home), and used the house for
>their work. You can read about it in the archives of the local
>newspaper. That was a travesty of justice, and the police became the
>murders; the dog's life---the life of an innocent creature, was of no
>less value than their own, and they had no right to take it, just
>because they wanted to break into, and use, someone's private property
>for the so-called "public good." The government in that case was no
>less a criminal than the criminal it was trying to apprehend.
> > If the local police can do it, I would guess the federal government
> > must have some provision that allows them to do what they must,
> > when they must, also.
>It's called bully tactics.
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